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Baghdad Miscellaneous industries company limited is one of the leading companies in Iraq, and was founded in 1963  with the aim of encouraging the capital investment of the company for the development of national wealth and improving the real industrial in the. Through its successful management and experience of excellence it has been able to continue to keep pace with progress and development using the latest machinery, equipment, and pursue a policy of the speed of processing to provide products to markets with high quality specifications.

• production of insulation material (abrasion), used to insulate buildings and the floor, cold rooms, and breaks the concrete casting.

• the production of foods and boxes to save the ice.

• Agricultural production transplanting dishes (traditional birth attendants agriculture).

• production of packaging boxes of vegetables and fruit.

• Producing high ceilings and decor.

Company policy
Baghdad Miscellaneous industries company limited is keen on keeping pace with market requirements and satisfaction of our customers by using  sophisticated production lines and a high production capacity under the supervision of professional engineers , following a policy of the speedy  processing to bring products to markets with high quality specifications, reliance on raw materials with high specifications produced from international origins.

Latest News
The main purpose of the use of polystyrene insulation boards is to delay the heat spread, hence the control of the internal temperature and this depends on determining the status of the insulation in ceilings and determine the thickness and density of the insulator.

Quality Policy
Baghdad Miscellaneous industries company limited is keen on keeping up with market requirements and satisfying our customers with high productivity and under the supervision of professional engineers who do production lines.

• high efficiency insulating walls and roofs of chilling rooms
• To make holes in the regular reinforced, and usual  Concrete casting separators.
• used in buildings that rely on the Hordy system in the ceilings.
• in the manufacture of prefabricated houses
• Used as stuffing of the doors to be more resistant and sound and heat proof.
• In the designs of mini Architectures
•  packaging keepers of many items that need mild temperature such as drugs.
• secondary roofing and decorations
• It has also uses in furniture industry
• in packaging the electrical appliances
• Packaging  glass ware to keep from damage.

Products of the company
Production of insulating materials (abrasion), used to insulate buildings and the floor, chilling rooms, and the breaks of the concrete casting.
The company products are classified and versatile to suit the requirements of markets and to serve all sectors and that produce insulation boards (abrasion) of various densities and measurements used in the insulation of buildings featuring (stiro por ) high resistance to heat and coldness , which do not change with time and lead its work with the required efficiency. Polystyrene (foam) is the most widely used in the world due to its high efficiency in insulation to reduce any heat emanating from the roof, walls, and its reasonable cost, ease of installation and safety of health, it has become common to use is not only to isolate surfaces, walls and the Hordy in the concrete buildings where it is  used in the manufacture of Sandwig panels , cold storage , insulation filler door,  packaging materials , and decorations.
The thermal insulation general use is to minimize the leakage of heat from outside to inside the buildings in summer and from inside buildings to outside in winter.
heat leaks when there is a disparity in temperatures between the inside and outside the building where the leak heat is caused by the air surrounding the building, where many gas molecules of the hot spots to cold regions hold heat energy within them and collide particles with one another ,  hot molecules go higher and replaced by the cold molecules of greater intensity as the heat leaks from the roof and walls at high rates ranging between approximately (60% to 70%).  As a result power consumption, , will increase for the purpose of equivalent internal temperature.
Sireo pore aims to reduce ultra violet inflicted on the roofs of buildings and the sharp rise in temperatures in summer. Here we sea that the insulation has a big role in reducing the consumption of electricity used for the purposes of adaptation .. Polyurethane and polystyrene insulation most prevalent in all countries of Europe is used to isolate and cool with great effect, where thermal insulation is used to isolate the heat and cool.
The required properties of poly styrene are as follows: –
• foam to be a highly efficient long-term that do not change any time with very little to heat conduction and increasing isolation with increased density and thickness of insulation boards
• be of high flexibility and resistance to compression loads and bends
• be resistant to environmental factors and resistant to leaks and moisture and corrosion
• that is not affected by acids and bases present in construction materials such as cement
• the insulator should be of  the high degree of firmness and cohesion to prevent water absorption
There are recommendations to follow before you install stiro pore  (cork): –
they should be stored in a dry place away from the influences and factors surrounding that lead to destruction and vulnerability to rupture and cracking.
Dimensions available:
• Length of (2 m – 2.54 m)
• Width (1 m – 1.27 m)
• Height of ( 1cm – 100 cm)
Densities available:
• starting from the density of 12 to 25 density
The main purpose of the use of polystyrene insulation boards is to delay the spread of heat and the control of temperature of inside and this depends on determining the status of the insulation in ceilings and walls and determine the thickness and density of the foam.
Production of food & ice keeping boxes:
It also provides the service to consumers to production boxes that keep foods and products and ice and on the scales required and multiple forms to suit all users with the purpose of maintaining the degree of cold foods for longer periods to protect from the damage and environmental pollution . Our company is characterized with offering this product like all of the products with high quality and its fractions, consistent with the each other and a high degree of rigidity.
production of the agricultural dishes for planting (agricultural midwives).
The service is available to farmers by producing the panting nurseries (traditional birth attendants agriculture), known as well as the agricultural nursery trays through which the seeds panted inside are maintained and reduce spoilage of throwing seeds at random and in order to transport seeds in long distances without damaging .The company produces different sizes of them to fit all seeds because each type of seeds needs a certain type of agricultural dishes.
Production of packaging boxes of vegetables and fruit
The company manufactures and produces boxes of vegetables and fruits in different shapes and sizes
Production of high ceilings and decor
Baghdad Miscellaneous industries company limited manufactures secondary ceilings and decorations, depending on the customer's request.